CULT TV (1997)

From ABBA to Johnny Logan, from Nicole to Bianca Shomburg, the night captures the most touching moments from the Eurovision Song Contest’s 42-year history: We will celebrate highs and lows, the tears and the triumphs, the hottest hairstyles and the most bizarre verdicts of the national juries. In his hommage to the grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson, NDR-filmmaker Christian Stöffler answers such important questions as: Why did hairdresser Leon, singer of the »Blaue Planet« (Blue Planet) have to carry on doing perms, and how did ABBA manage to win over their fans’ hearts with »Waterloo« for good? Even if so-called »alternative« song contests try to imitate the Grand-Prix: The real cult lies in the votes of the official juries, from Andorra to Turkey. Look forward to the history of the Eurovision Song Contest as presented in a two-part documentary: Part 1 GRAND PRIX EUROVISION – THE HIGHLIGHTS: A SONG CAN BE A BRIDGE. Part 2 THE GREATEST GERMAN HITS: WHO KNOWS WHERE MY WAY IS LEADING ME. The night’s host in Cologne will be Götz Alsmann.