Retrospektive Donn A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus

Since the early seventies Pennebaker Hegedus Films is producing documentary films. The independent film company, settled in New York City, is managed by producer Frazer Pennebaker and filmmakers D.A. (Donn Alan) Pennebaker und Chris Hegedus. One of their latest political films »The War Room« was nominated Best Documentary Feature for an Academy Award, and received the D.W. Griffith Award for Best Documentary by the National Board of Review. Hegedus’ and Pennebaker’s intimate, narrative style of filmmaking, which follows the drama inherent in real events, has recorded some of the best known public figures and personalities of our times as e.g. the Kennedys, Jane Fonda, Franz-Josef Strauß, John DeLorean, Bob Dylan, Bill Clinton, Marius Müller-Westernhagen many more. Their unobtrusive fly-on-the-wall-style, working as a two-person crew using handheld cameras and available light, allows them to observe without interrupting. They do not direct, nor interview for information, They prefer that the protagonist determine what will happen, not the filmmaker. The result is a candid protrait of real characters in action and confrontation.