Awardees (1998)

Casting-Award to Heta Mantscheff 1998

Since 1997 the International TV festival Cologne (Cologne Conference) has been the scene of awarding a prize for outstanding achievements in the field of casting. It intends to honour the work of casting specialists in Germany in casting movies and series which has not yet received adequate public attention. Last year, the first winner of the award was An Dorthe Braker.This year’s award goes to Heta Mantscheff who was in charge of casting popular productions as STADTGESPRÄCH (directed by Rainer Kaufmann) and SCHICKSALSSPIEL (directed by Bernd Schadewald). With her work she has contributed in a particular way to the quality of TV movies such as LANDGANG FÜR RINGO (directed by Lars Becker) and WOANDERS SCHEINT NACHTS DIE SONNE. A longstanding cooperation links Heta Mantscheff to Grimme-award-winner Bernd Schadewald. Examples are – apart from SCHICKSALSSPIEL – much observed productions as ANGST and KINDER DES SATANS.The casting award goes to Heta Mantscheff primarily because of her work with Heinrich Breloer in the two-parter TODESSPIEL. TODESSPIEL stands for vast public resonance, controversal political debates and impressive performances by its actors – basing especially on Hate Mantscheffs casting work.Moreover, Heta Mantscheff who prefers dealing with actors  and using traditional card-indexes to modern computer work has been working successfully in the international realm, for instance in the German casting for Emir Kusturica’s UNDERGROUND or currently for Dick Maas’ THE BLOND BABOON.The award winner, a graduate of German and political science, lives and works in Hamburg. She has worked as a stage actress and for four years co-organized the »Low Budget Film Festival« in Hamburg. Since 1992 she has been running her own casting firm.The international TV festival/Cologne Conference congratulates Heta Mantscheff.