Awardees (1999)

Casting-Award 1999 to Nessie Nesslauer

Since 1997, an award has been presented for casting ability in Germany at the International Television and Film Festival in Cologne (Cologne Conference). The award is intended to show appreciation for the work of the experts who cast films and series, a group who, in spite of their enormous significance, do not get the attention they deserve, neither in the industry nor in the public arena. The first award winners were An Dorthe Braker and Heta Mantscheff.

The 1999 Casting Award goes to Nessie Nesslauer who was responsible for casting such exciting productions as NACH FÜNF IM URWALD (After Five in the Jungle) (Director: Hans-Christian Schmid) or JENSEITS DER STILLE (On the Other Side of Solitude) (Director: Caroline Link). She was originally a specialist in the difficult field of child and youth casting where she experienced some especially happy moments – making discoveries that last a long time. Nessie Nesslauer also played a great role in the success of PÜNKTCHEN UND ANTON (once again directed by Caroline Link) and the award-winning made-for-TV works NUR FÜR EINE NACHT (Only for a Night) (Director: Michael Gutmann) and DER NEFFE (The Nephew) (Director: Gabriela Zerhau).

She has worked intensively together with the producers Jakob Claussen und Thomas Wöbke over the past years, an unusually successful cooperation any way you look at it; Franka Potente’s career as movie star began with NACH FÜNF IM URWALD – a direct result of the precise eye of Nessie Nesslauer for capable talents that can make their way in the business. At the moment, Nessie Nesslauer is casting the film being made of »Crazy«, the early hit novel by Benjamin Lebert, once again for Claussen & Wöbke.

Born in Munich, she ran the Bavarian capital’s first vegetarian fast-food restaurant for four years before getting to know the film and television world from a variety of angles, from executive producer to director assistant to her own documentaries. Then she came to Claussen & Wöbke as casting agent and, in 1996, set up her own casting agency in Munich.

The Cologne Conference would like to congratulate Nessie Nesslauer on receiving the Casting Award for 1999.

1999 Producer Award to Jutta Lieck-Klenke

Since last year, an award for the creative and organizing talent of producers has been handed out at the International Television and Film Festival in Cologne (Cologne Conference). The award is intended to acknowledge German-language producers who have distinguished themselves through high-quality, original projects which have had a great effect on the public.

The 1999 Producer Award goes to Jutta Lieck-Klenke whose work stands for exactly the type of popular quality that has enabled the medium of television to reach such a high level of achievement. Almost every television viewer in Germany will have seen – and many times at that – the noteworthy and carefully executed projects of Jutta Lieck from the quality production company of Trebitsch – be it the series GIRLFRIENDS, based on the famous books by Christian Pfannenschmid, or the miniseries BELLA BLOCK starring Hannelore Hoger. For these made-for-TV movies in ZDF (Germany’s second public-trust network), all patterned after the best in psychological whodunits from Britain, subdued though emotional, Jutta Lieck was able to win over such high-profile directors as Max Färberböck, Erwin Keusch, Markus Imboden and Christian Görlitz.

Jutta Lieck, born in Essen, studied both Economics and Theater Sciences but also German literature and language. She also has a diploma in General Economics and spent nine years proofreading and then publishing the »panther« book series for young people at the Rowohlt publishing house. In 1987, she became Dramatist and Producer at Trebitsch in Hamburg where, since 1996, she has also been in the management, together with Katharina Trebitsch.

Jutta Lieck has the luck that her filmography begins with two highly acclaimed children’s and young peoples’ series at once (Arendt Agthe’s BRAUSEPULVER – Shower Powder – and WUNDERJAHRE – Wonderyears – both in ZDF). But it is not just the luck of the producer that has enabled her to maintain such a high level of quality in her projects, right up to her new film based on the Ingrid Noll novel DER HAHN IST TOT (The Rooster is Dead) which can be seen soon in ZDF. Jutta Lieck incorporates a clear vision of the possibilities productions offer her with the knowledge that, as producer, one has to keep an eye on current trends and industry politics without getting swept up by them.

The Cologne Conference congratulates Jutta Lieck-Klenke on winning the 1999 Producer Award.

TV Spielfilm Award 2000

The Award, presented since 1998, is intended to honour an extraordinary programme of that particular Cologne Conference. This year’s Award goes to DYBT VAND by Ole Bornedal.

The Cologne Conference congratulates to the Award.