Retrospective Tim Roth

One of the best anecdotes from the annals of film myths is the one about the discovery of Tim Roth for the big screen. While Alan Clarke’s crew was rehearsing for the made-for-TV film MADE IN BRITAIN at the Oval House Theatre in London, Tim Roth popped in to borrow a bicycle pump because he had had a flat tire right out in the street in front… , and the rest is film history!

And he became part of this history rather quickly. Born on May 14, 1961 in South London, son of a journalist and a landscape painter, he grew up well nurtured in a liberal, politically left-leaning household in a working-class suburb of London, Dulwich. At first, Tim decided for a career in art and began studying sculpture at the Camberwell College of Art, though he broke it off quickly. He had already noticed that he would never really bring it to anything in this profession and switched over to acting.