Preisträger 2001

Casting Award 2001 to Rita Serra-Roll

Since 1997, the International TV and Film Festival in Cologne (Cologne Conference) has awarded special casting achievements in Germany. This year’s awardee is Rita Serra-Roll who is responsible for more than 50 television and cinema productions from 1996 until 2000.

The Cologne Conference congratulates Rita Serra-Roll.

Producer Award 2001 to moneypenny filmproduktion gmbh

The award for the best producer at the Cologne Conference 2001 goes to Anne Lepin, Sigried Hoerner and Martin Walz from moneypenny filmproduktion in Berlin. For the first time, a new non-established production company is being awarded, which is not only up-and-coming itself, but also supports the up-and-coming.

The Cologne Conference congratulates the awardees.

Screenwriter Award 2001 to Ruth Toma

For the second time at the Cologne Conference, in co-operation with the Bundesverband Deutscher Fernsehproduzenten and Brainpool TV AG, the most outstanding performance in screenplay writing will be awarded. This year’s awardee is Ruth Toma, who in the past years has constantly produced screenplays fpr outstanding productions.

Congratulations to Ruth Toma.

TV Spielfilm Award 2001

The TV Spielfilm Award 2001 goes to this year’s festival programme DER TANZ MIT DEM TEUFEL. DIE ENTFÜHRUNG DES RICHARD OETKERS by Peter Keglevic and Nico Hofmann. The Award is intended to honour in particular younger people in TV and film.

The Cologne Conference congratulates to the Award.

PHOENIX Award 2001

The PHOENIX Award is intended to honour an outstanding feature or performance of the respective Cologne Conference. The PHOENIX Awad 2001 goes to JUNG (WAR). IN THE LAND OF MUJAHEDDIN  by Giuseppe Pettito and Fabrizio Lazaretti.

The Cologne Conference congratulates the awardees.