Werkschau Errol Morris

Errol Morris: Detective-Director

»God is love – Backwards It’s Dog« (Inscription on a grave of a California pet cemetery, in Errol Morris‘ GATES OF HEAVEN, 1978)

»If we cannot solve the mysteries of this world, it is our job to at least try and explore them«, said the American documentary director, Errol Morris, once in an interview. Yet the paths to the secrets of the world which Morris follows are twisted. He presents a clerk who is above all attracted to serial killers. A man stores his frozen mother´s head in a secret place or an autistic woman, empathizing with cattle, designs the interior of stables and abattoirs. The filmed cosmos, into which Errol Morris invites his audience is a panorama of human peculiarities. His protagonists are driven by their obsessions right in the middle of everyday American life. The way Morris mixes science, poetry and pure madness is virtuoso. And what begins as a portray of eccentric individuals develops into a sophisticated meditation about the erratic nature of man.