International Talent Strategies in Film and Television

  • Wednesday, 19. June 2002 14:00 hrs

In Zusammenarbeit mit ARD/Das Erste

As in other industries, in film and television promotion of up-and-coming talent is a prerequisite for quality, originality, and audience appeal. On an international level, creative professionals in the film and television industry receive their training in many different ways – at colleges, technical schools, TV channels, production companies, and other places. But while prestigious film and television schools focus on traditional elements of film and television production, many aspects of TV production and content development (for example, entertainment and format development) are seldom taught at academic institutions. It is mainly only insiders who know that channels themselves promote talent in both film and television. With a view to current requirements in the German market, the Cologne Conference invites top international institutions, including both TV channels and institutes of higher learning, to present their approaches and concepts and to present students who have completed degrees and their work. The seminar is coupled with a presentation of work samples and a young talent series to be shown at one of the festival venues, the Filmhaus Köln.

Simone Stewens, International Filmschool Cologne (IFS)



14.00-14.30, Introduction:

Talent Strategies in Film and Television in an international context
Henning Camre
, CILECT – Network of Int. Film & TV Schools
(Danish Film Institute, National Film Television School London)
Talent Strategies of International Broadcasters
Presentation with program samples


14.30-15.15, »Debut im Ersten«
Keynote address by Gebhard Henke, Head of TV Movie Department, WDR/ARD
Professor for Creative Producing, Academy Media Arts, Cologne and presentation of the work of up-and-coming talent by
Andrea Hanke
, TV Movie Department, WDR/ARD
Jörg Himstedt
, TV Movie Department, HR/ARD

15.15-15.30, Coffee break

15.30-16.00, BBC Talent
Rob Warr, BBC Controller, Talent Management, BBC, Great Britain

16.00-16.30, Channel 4: Talent Warehouse
Charlotte Black, Head of Talent Warehouse, Channel 4, Great Britain

16.30-17.00, ZDF: Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Heike Hempel, Redaktionsleitung »Das Kleine Fernsehspiel«, ZDF, Germany

17.00-17.45Competence – Creativity – Off-the-Peg-Prodution
Closing Discussion
in cooperation with the Filmstiftung NRW and the International Filmschool Cologne
Presenter: Simone Stewens, International Filmschool Cologne

Prof. Nico Hofmann
, Managing Director, TeamWorx Produktion Berlin
Jörg Grabosch
, CEO, Brainpool TV AG, Cologne
Dr. Gabriela Sperl
, Head of Department Music & TV Movie, Bayerischer Rundfunk/ARD, Munich
Judith Keil/Antje Kruska, Documentary Filmmakers (»Ausfahrt Ost«)
Sigrid Hoerner
, Producer & Managing Director, Moneypenny Filmproduction
Benjamin Quabeck, Director (»Nichts bereuen«)