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»Housewife, Vamp or Huntress of Killers? Mirja Boes on the heels of serial heroines of the past five decades«

It’s a long way from a Mama Walton waving her cooking spoon to the power-hungry, sexually insatiable high society ladies of the 1980s, like Alexis or Sue Ellen, and on to gun toting 21st century detectives such as Lilly Rush or Brooke Haslett, which just goes to show how much the idea and the images of women have changed in TV series over the past half century. For an entertaining and ironical look at gender-specific type casting and role attribution, popular German show host and comedy expert Mirja Boes (DIE DREISTEN DREI, SKETCH-MIX) examines serial heroines of the past and present. Her rundown of a less than totally serious »female serial history« will of course be supported by instructive video excerpts.