TV-Series | GB 2003 | 8×30′

Saturday, May 20, 23:30 hrs, Filmhauskino, OV
in cooperation with BBC Worldwide Ltd.

»Britain, Britain, Britain, land of technological achievement. We’ve had running water for over 10 years, an underground tunnel that links us to Peru and we invented the cat. But none of these inventions would have been possible if it had not been for the people of Britain – and it’s those people we look at today.«

Following in the wake of Alan Partridge, Goodness Gracious Me, The League of Gentlemen and Dead Ringers, Little Britain is the latest popular Radio 4 comedy to get its own TV series – and its success on television has been even greater than on radio. Shown originally on BBC 3, then transferred to BBC 2, the series received rave reviews and was hailed as one of the most innovative comedies of 2003.

Written and performed by Matt Lucas and David Walliams, this character-based sketch show looks at the debris of modern life and delights in all that is mad, bad, quirky and generally crazy about the people and places of Britain.

Little Britain is a small and surreal parallel universe, peopled by gloriously over-the-top eccentrics, lunatics and social misfits who live in towns with strange names like Flange and Scoffage. Meet:

Vicky Pollard, the gloriously incoherent trailer trash teenager who traded her baby for a Justin Timberlake CD; Marjorie Dawes, the tubby, tyrannical leader of her Fat Fighters class; Emily Howard, the world’s least convincing transvestite; Daffyd Thomas, who insists that he’s the only homosexual in his village; Gary, the teenager with an unhealthy attraction to his best friend’s granny; The starstruck couple who invite fading pop stars to perform at the bedside of their sick daughter; Kenny Craig, a creepy stage hypnotist who uses his powers to get women to go on dates with him; Des Kaye, former Children’s TV star (catchphrase »Wicky Woo«) now working at DIY Universe.

Little Britain is also a land where the Prime Minister (Anthony Head from Buffy and Manchild) is grilled by journalists from Whizzer And Chips; where ageing thespian Bernard Chumley has a suspicious need to rid himself of his sister, Kitty; where Dame Sally, romantic novelist par excellence churns out several thousand books per week; and where caring Lou looks after contrary cripple Andy, in apparent ignorance that he leaves his wheelchair whenever no one is looking.

Filmed both on location and in front of a studio audience, the programmes travel through the Scottish Highlands, Wales, the tranquil English countryside and the less tranquil council estates of Britain’s inner cities, while the narrator (Tom Baker – Doctor Who, Nicholas and Alexandra) adds his insightful and eloquent comments (helpfully quoted in italics in this promotion kit) for those less familiar with the fair isles of Blighty.