HEROES | TV-Series | USA 2006


Saturday, September 27, 22:00 hrs,
in cooperation with RTL II

Save the Cheerleader, save the World!

When US network NBC extended invitations in June 2006 for the first screening of its new superheroes series at the »Comicon«, neither the hosts of the renowned international comic exhibition nor series creator Tim Kring was expecting that the 2,000 seat venue where the event was scheduled would not accommodate everyone. But HEROES was a cult show before anyone had seen a trailer, and the hall burst with people.

On 25 September 2006, at 08:00 PM, “Heroes” first went on air on NBC. The series combined everything that wouldn’t really work on television at the time: a story arc extending over 23 episodes, a giant ensemble. Still, over 14 million people watched it. HEROES was the most successful debut of the 2006 fall season.

The description reads like a science fiction story: people around the world notice changes about themselves. A cheerleader is immortal, a male nurse can fly, one young Japanese can bridge time and space, a stripper develops incredible powers, a cop on the beat can hear the thoughts of others, a junkie can paint the future. And, in the end, it is about nothing less than saving humanity. But HEROES is more than that. The bold combination of drama, comedy, tragedy, crime story, splatter and science fiction is carried by its comical, evil or likable characters. Their development from the normal to the supernatural and their fear of it makes them, in spite of all their supernaturalness, human and credible.

But it’s not only TV fans who are thrilled by the captivating superheroes epic. Die-hard comic lovers are also richly bestowed. Week by week the official HEROES website features new comic adventures of their heroes for them to read. New characters are often introduced here first, and subplots and sidetracks are created to add to or explain the stories of the television series.

HEROES was sold to numerous countries including e.g. Hong Kong, France, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. The series has earned several nominations including some for the coveted Emmy TV award, the Golden Globe Awards and the People’s Choice Award. A computer game is also in the making. The Cologne Conference not only pays tribute to the series in this year’s Night of Cult Television, which marks its German premiere, but also features it in the festival’s TOPTEN section.