The 2007 Awardees

Film Award Cologne 2007 to Paul Haggis

The first Film Award Cologne goes to the Academy Award-winning Paul Haggis. With his works such as L.A. CRASH or MILLION DOLLAR BABY, he contributed fundamentally to the advancement of cinema and TV. The Film Award Cologne is presented this year for the first time by the city of Cologne and the Filmstiftung NRW. Paul Haggis will suspend his work on the new James Bond movie to attend the Award ceremony. Earlier that day, he will take part in a workshop discussion and talk about his work and his upcoming projects.

Congratulations to Paul Haggis.

TV-SPIELFILM-Award 2007 to Anton Corbijn

This year’s TV-SPIELFILM-Award goes to the dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn for his movie CONTROL, which was chosen by the judges as an outstanding contribution to the festival. The movie will be shown for the first time at a german festival in the course of this year’s Cologne Conference.

The Cologne Conference congratulates Anton Corbijn on the Award.

Writer’s Award 2007 to Hannah Hollinger

The Writer’s Award 2007, presented by Network Movie, goes to Hannah Hollinger. During the last years, she constantly delivered excellent works, such as DIE MUTTER or LIEBE AMELIE. Her movie ZEIT ZU LEBEN is the only german fiction contribution in this year’s festival. The premiere of the movie will take place in the course of the festival, with the actors such as Katharina Böhm or Thomas Dannemann attending.

The Cologne Conference congratulates Hannah Hollinger.

Hollywood Reporter Award 2007 to DAS PERFEKTE DINNER (VOX)

The Hollywood Reporter Award 2007, presented in cooperation with The Nielsen Company, goes to the Granada production DAS PERFEKTE DINNER (VOX). It shows the excellent transfer of an international format to the german TV market. The programme (original title COME DINE WITH ME) developed the trend genre of cooking shows substantially. It brought the german TV channel VOX oustanding market share.

The Cologne Conference congratulates on the Award.