The 2008 Awardees

The award ceremonies are the glamorous highlight of the Cologne Conference, as this is e.g. the occasion when the best entries from the competition line-ups TopTen and Look are recognized.

For the second time, the Filmpreis Köln (endowed with Euro 25.000) was awarded during this ceremony. It honours one-of-a-kind directors, producers, writers or cinematographers that contributed a lot for the development of the film- and media language. This year, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne from Belgium were granted with the Filmpreis Köln.

Further awardees of the Cologne Conference 2008 are Abi Morgan and Hettie Macdonald whose TV film WHITE GIRL (BBC) was awarded with the TV Spielfilm Preis. The Deutsche Casting Preis was given to Franziska Aigner-Kuhn for her work on the cast of the German feature DIE WELLE (Constantin Film). Producer Christian Becker received the Hollywood Reporter Award. Sascha Jenschewski and Alexander Perschel were the winners of the first Future TV Award for their online-production SEX AND ZAZIKI. These Cologne Conference awards each carry a cash prize of 10,000 EUR.