The Fall

Feature Film | USA 2006 | 117' | OV

  • Friday, 30. September 2011 18:30 hrs

Confined to his hospital bed as a result of a work accident, Stuntman Roy decides to take his own life. By telling young Alexandria an adventure story, he hopes to manipulate her into pilfering the coveted drugs for him from the hospital pharmacy. Gradually, though, an unusual friendship develops between the two, a bond held together by the story that is spun.

As Roy tells his little hoodlum friend about bold exploits, that story unfolds before the audience in masterfully composed images of breathtaking beauty. Shot in an abundance of wondrous original locations with an enchanting ensemble cast, the film takes viewers on an epic journey of adventure, and time and again demonstrates director Tarsem Singh’s rich and all but inexhaustible imagination. Aside from delivering a string of visual fireworks, the film also reaffirms Tarsem’s standing as one of the most outstanding directors and visual artists in recent years. Moreover, THE FALL amounts to the most beautiful declaration of love for the craft of cinema in a long time.

Tarsem Singh
Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis,Tarsem Singh
Adaptation from (book, play)
Valeri Petrov - screenplay for the film Yo Ho Ho
Colin Watkinson
Robert Duffy
Krishna Levy
Production Design
Ged Clarke
Principal Cast
Catinca Untaru, Lee Pace
Tarsem Singh
Executive Producers
Ajit Singh, Tommy Turtle
Googly Films, Deep Films, Radical Media, Tree Top Films

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