Amazing Race: China Rush

Format | CH 2011 | 24' | Subtitled English

  • Monday, 01. October 2012 19:30 hrs

THE AMAZING RACE: CHINA RUSH is a fascinating reality show, where groups of two race through China – via plane, high speed train, public bus, banana boat, donkey’s back or by foot. Breathlessly the candidates run through cultural sites and nature reserves of China, with logical and physical challenges along the way – and after each leg of the tour one team has to go home. What’s special about this format: the internationally mixed teams consist of cousins, student friends and freshly dating couples. Thus the dynamic within the team is often times just as decisive as the outside exertions – and there are even unexpected friendships. At this point, there are still eight of the formerly eleven teams in the race, as we go from the city of Ningde in the northern Fujiang province to the breathtaking nature reserve and Unesco world heritage site Danxiashan, where picturesque villages and vertigo-inducing mountain cliffs are waiting – as are the endless steps of a Buddhist temple.

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Yi Yang Tian, Diao Shu Wen
Executive Producer
Xia Jing
Ge Gong
He Meng
Stenfeno Fusi
Yi Yang Tian
Terence Lloren
Greg Yu
Production Company
International Channel Shanghai

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International Channel Shanghai
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