The Allure of Tears

Feature Film | CH 2011 | 123' | Subtitled English

  • Monday, 01. October 2012 20:30 hrs

First there is the happy-go-lucky leukemia patient Xili Mei falling in love with rich and spoiled You Le, who has a brain tumor. Then there are the two former music students, reunited for a charity concert to save their old school – and cellist Ding Dake finally hear the story of why the talented violinist Yang Lin disappeared from his life so suddenly three years ago. And finally there’s the story of Chen Sheng who leaves his fiancé in order to earn some money out of town – but when he returns for her, there’s been a catastrophe… Director Barbara Wong, up to now famous for her romantic comedies, re-unites with writer and producer Lawrence Cheng, but this time for an episodic melodrama. The title holds no empty promise: Hankerchiefs should be at hand in this film, since every one of the three poetically melancholy episodes ends in dismay, loss and death. The actors, some already known from Zhang Yimou’s films, are brilliant, as is the style of the film.

Best of Drama

Daniel Feng
Executive Producers
Rox Chen, Ray Ma
Barbara Wong
Lawrence Cheng, Barbara Wong, Silver Hau, Skipper Cheng
Jingpin Yu
Kong Chi Leung, Wong Hei
Wei Jie
Chiu Tsang Hei
Production Design
Tony Yu
Principal Cast
Zhou Dong Yu, Gigi Leung, Joe Chen, Aarif Rahman, Richie Jen, Shawn Dou
Production Companies
Cayie International Group Ltd./Cayie Movie & Video Communication Co.,Ltd./He Ye Film Distribution Co. Ltd./Shanghai Seven Film Media Co. Ltd.

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