First Winter

Feature Film | USA 2012 | 91' | Subtitled German

  • Friday, 05. October 2012 19:00 hrs

A group of young urban New Yorkers have fulfilled their dream of a hippie commune, living in a remote rural mansion with lots of yoga, organic food, feelgood drugs and group sex. But as winter approaches, a massive blackout brings illness, hunger, cold and severe conflicts. Charismatic guru Paul, his competing lovers Jen and Sam, envious Matt and newcomer Marie all fight for leadership of the group. But a single rifle and a handful of bullets is all they have to secure the common survival. Benjamin Dickinson’s self-assured feature debut explores the breaking points between man and nature in a tense setting and with a maximum amount of minimalism: an almost documentary-style hand-held camera, sparse dialogue with lots of subtext, no music, ruminant silence and natural light. The humor is quiet and subtle, the suspense creeps in, the characters are well thought through. An intimate story of survival in a unique atmosphere.

Mark De Pace, Zachary Mortensen, Lindsay Burdge, Benjamin Dickinson
Executive Producers
Jon Watts
Benjamin Dickinson
Benjamin Dickinson
Adam Newport-Berra
Benjamin Dickinson, Jen Lame
Paul Hsu, Luciano Vignola
Production Design
Katie Hickman
Principal Cast
Paul Manza, Lindsay Burdge, Jennifer Kim, Samantha Jacober, Benjamin Dickinson
Production Company
Ghost Robot

International Sales

BGP Films
1408-555 Jervis Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6E 4N1