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Crossmedia-Projectpresentation | DE 2014 | 60' | OV

  • Tuesday, 01. October 2013 20:30 hrs

Every year, the Cologne Carnival brings together hundreds of thousands of people. For six days, this means a state of exceptional celebration not only on the streets, but also in many homes.
In an attempt to get a grip on the varied perspectives that make Cologne’s Carnival so special, the cross-media project ALAAF YOU seeks the help of hundreds of the event’s peculiar type of revelers, the »Jecken,« who are invited to film their individual celebrations. These contributions will then be assembled into a one-of-a-kind documentary. This is the first public presentation of this cross-media film project by the team around producer Eric Benz and director Baris Aladag. They will introduce their new website, the associated mobile app, their crowdfunding plans, and their strategy to involve as many of Cologne’s »Jecken« as possible in their project.

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Eric Benz, Baris Aladag
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