Game Meets Film

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 / 15:00-21:00 hrs

The borders between the different forms of moving image media have begun to blur, and the symbiosis of film and video game industry is already much more than an empty promise. Video games nowadays display an astounding quality and a compositional density that makes them increasingly hard to distinguish from film. And the effect is reciprocated, as films are more and more influenced by video games in their structure and aesthetics. The Film Festival Cologne, in co-operation with the Cologne Game Lab, presented a collection of video games in the event series GAME MEETS FILM, that demonstrated just how far the technologies already have merged and complement each other. Within the format „Games on Stage“ video games like CODE 7, ZEUGE J or HAROLD HALIBUT were presented. The LUDOPIUM team invited the audience to prove their musical skills with their multiplayer music game. And there was a lecture by the Danish video game researcher Espen Aarseth, while in the foyer a display showed trendsetting projects of university student.