Kultnacht: 40 Years of Rockpalast

  • Monday, 02. October 2017 19:30 hrs

In July 1977 there were several hours of live broadcast of a concert featuring Rory Gallagher, Little Feat and Roger McGuinn‘s Thunderbyrd. It was the birth of the legendary „Rockpalast Nacht“. Millions of Germans saw bands like Mother’s Finest, Patti Smith Group, ZZ Top, The Police, The Who, Grateful Dead, The Undertones, Huey Lewis & the News, BAP and many more on their TVs – performances that made a strong impression on the collective memory of a whole generation. This year’s KULTNACHT at Film Festival Cologne is dedicated to a discussion and a review of images from this TV revolution that still refuses to grow old. The WDR archive shows off their treasures, while host Steve Blame talks to musicians and pioneers from four decades of „Rockpalast Nacht“.

In cooperation with WDR