Tilda Swinton once said that Luca Guadagnino knows exactly how cinema works – and that he’s courageous enough to actually realize his vision. She should know: She collaborated with the Italian director five times, starting with his debut feature THE PROTAGONISTS (1999) right up to SUSPIRIA (2018), which has caused quite some stir at the Venice Film Festival. Guadagnino can’t be reduced to a single genre or form. He’s made documentaries about artists such as Arto Lindsay and Bernardo Bertolucci, melodramas like I AM LOVE (2009) and his quadruple Oscar nominated CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (2017), unusual crime films and thrillers like THE PROTAGONISTS (1999) and A BIGGER SPLASH (2015) – and now the long-awaited horror remake SUSPIRIA (2018), which will have its German premiere at the Film Festival Cologne. Although it’s actually more of a radical re-imagining – and politicization – of Dario Argento’s 1977 original. The connecting themes of the Sicilian’s films are his immense sense of style and his idiosyncratic exploration of desire and identity.