Feature Film | USA 2015 | 83' | OV

Apparently, a fight long ago is the reason why Krisha has not joined her sister for family dinners at Thanksgiving in over ten years. Now both sides have resolved to give it another try. Tension is palpable for everyone involved. What sounds like the setup for a typical US indie drama, turns into an extraordinary cinematic work at the hands of debut filmmaker Trey Edward Shults. With inspirations from two very different idols – John Cassavetes and Terrence Malick, for whom Shults worked as an intern – the 26-year-old director creates an uncompromising character study, in which the inner world of his protagonists can be experienced by purely cinematic means, through the photography and editing. KRISHA was largely a DIY endeavor: Shults shot the film in his parents’ house, cast his aunt Krisha Fairchild in the title role, and relied on crowdfunding for the financing. With great success: the film won the Grand Jury and Audience Awards of the Narrative Feature Competition at South by Southwest festival 2015.

Trey Edward Shults
Trey Edward Shults
Justin R. Chan, Chase Joliet, Ryan Mehendale, Trey Edward Shults, Wilson Smith, Veronique Vaillancourt
Executive Producers
J.P. Castel, Jonathan R. Chan
Drew Daniels
Tim Rakoczy, Ian Henkel, Catherine Harper, Darrin Mann, Johnny Marshall, Sergio Reyes
Principal Cast
Krisha Fairchild, Robyn Fairchild, Bill Wise, Chris Doubek

International Sales

173 Richardson Street
11222 Brooklyn, NY

Selected filmography Trey Edward Shults

MOTHER AND SON (2010), TWO TO ONE (2011)